Wizard – Cattle 13 Teeth

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Cutter: 12 tooth
Comb: 13 tooth
77mm wide

These blades are intended for use on only the Lister Laser and Legend models

Fitted with a metal drive socket on the cutter blade, “Wizard” cattle blades are “butted” – meaning that both the cutter and comb have no noticeable distance between the tips of the blades. Ideal for clipping dirty animals.

Whilst these blades are the best available it should be noted that the clipping of dirty cattle, due to the high level of dirt and abrasive material present in the coats will lead to the rapid dulling (blunting) of the blades.

To achieve correct tensioning of the blades on the clipper head, screw the tension nut right down as far as it will go. Then turn the tension nut back one and a half full turns to achieve the correct setting in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Oil frequently every 5-10 minutes of running time.

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