Blade sharpening

Good blade sharpening has for a long time been the task of a few highly skilled and widely experienced persons. In recent years as smaller and affordable machines have come available many have seen it as an opportunity to provide an attractive a small business venture

Whether blades used for horses, cattle or sheep, pet or small animals the failure of a blade to cut correctly is usually considered by the end user as poor sharpening. It is highly frustrating often very inconvenient and a sin few are prepared forgive. For the sharpener their “head” is on the block! In fairness to both sides blades performance may actually be dependent on many things not always easily assessed. Unfortunately whatever the reasons are the user remains “unconvinced” and usually is of the opinion the sharpening is at fault!

Sharpening blades – whether the larger livestock or small animal detachable type blades requires several very important factors to be accepted and fully understood –
1.Use of the right machinery – So important!
2.The operator skill and experience – Essential learning!
3 The understanding of blade types – different ways to sharpen various blades.

Far too often blade sharpening is attempted with machinery that fails to meet the requirements need and whilst the motor power is important, the real business is in the design and construction of the “grinding or lapping” wheel. Often the wrong type of machine is used in ignorance or it’s requirement not fully understood. Cheap priced machines rarely provide the sharpening ability that the professional machines do. Not only are machine expensive if you get the purchase wrong, but each type of machine represents a new “learning curve” and takes time to fully master!

Once equipped with a suitable machine the user must learn and master the skill of sharpening applicable to that machine. Sharpening is not a form of “rocket science” but it does need an intelligent application, common sense, time and above all continual practice initially to achieve a high performance rating. Once mastered- the ability to be able to sharpen blades offers many opportunities, whether for one’s own use or for more commercial and business applications.

Generally practical “hands on” training is hard to find or get! There are videos, CD’s and good instruction manuals, but nothing replaces practical experience! If ever the expression “practice makes perfect” made real sense – it is in the field of blade sharpening!

There are fairly simple and straightforward ground rules when sharpening blades providing you use the correct equipment. Follow these and gain the acquired “knack” and given time and plenty of practice you should obtain good results.

The machine we offer below has the ability to provide high quality sharpening results and is used daily by its manufacturer – a German clipper manufacturer – on both their livestock and detachable A5 type blades for many European customers.

A fully professional made grinding machine such as this, is fitted with high quality engineered discs which can be used for sharpening livestock and dog blades as well as sheep cutters and combs.

Product indemnity

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UPDATED: April 2015