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<b The PREMIER Mk I & Mk II models are no longer manufacturered and sold in the UK & European markets.

German made parts for the Premier Mk I model continue to be available.

The Premier 3000 & 4000s Mark I models (shearing machine) came into production in the year 2000 and were succeeded by the Premier 3000 & 4000s Mark II models in the autumn of 2009.

The Mk I model had a German made (Hauptner) head, and the Mk II model has a Chinese made head. Mk I hand pieces (Body unit) are German made. Mk II believed to be Chinese made.

Mark I models are easily distinguished by observing the shearing machine head which is alloy with a black shear head cover – unlike the Mark II model which has a black shiny head and blue plastic shear head cover.

Parts for the Mk I and Mk II shearing heads ARE different
DO NOT attempt to fit in-correct parts

A limited number of early Premier Mk I models where fitted with a cutter retainer which had a slightly enlarged centre hole. Originally stocks of these were available from the manufactures but have now been DISCONTINUED

We understand the part number 89230.210 can be used but the centre appature (hole) will need to be enlarged accordingly to fit. Hauptner engineers recommend the used of a file to enlarge.

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Showing 1–16 of 34 results