Blades of all makes

Blades of all makes

Certain makes of machines whether horse/cattle clippers or shearing machines can be fitted with other than the manufacturer’s make of blades – for example Heiniger livestock machines can be fitted with Aesculap and certain Liscop blades – see relative clipper pages. Most shearing machines also accept Heiniger and Lister cutters and combs (except those fitted with “narrow” heads!) WOLSELEY LIVESTOCK BLADES
Wolseley clipper blades are not interchangeable with Clipperman blades

Some Wolseley clipper blades are too tight when fitted on the Clipperman machine head and as a result cause the clipper not to work property.

Should Wolseley blades be used of Clipperman machines we cannot take or accept responsibility if they become prematurely blunt or the clippers does not work correctly. Using any of the Clipperman blades on a Wolseley machine invalidates the Manufacturer’s warranty.

Peasridge attempt to provide more information about blades than other web sites or indeed often the manufacturers themselves.

Purchasers and users should be conversant with the different types of various blades, their uses in relationship to the various clipping tasks, the correct sharpening procedures, the correct tensioning and oiling, and proper maintenance when not in use. Most manufacturers’ manuals will give guidance on these subjects – otherwise please consult Peasridge for additional advice.

It should be clearly understood that ANY make of blade – whether new or freshly re-sharpened may for a variety of reasons clip for only a limited time. The uncertainty surrounding blade clipping performance is one of the “downsides” to clipping and whilst there are many instances of blades clipping a number of animals before dulling or not clipping – so too are there many cases of blades that clip a few inches and then cease to clip!

This is NOT always bad quality sharpening – although often a convenient “accusation.” It may be the result of many or a collection of circumstances involving either the tensioning of the machine or the state of the animal’s coat, possible use of the wrong blade for the particular hair texture, lack of frequent oiling to quote but a few of the reasons that blades may dull and therefore not clip as expected. Having said that – there are cases when blades are not correctly sharpened, either due to the operators lack of skills or the type of sharpening machine used.

It is strongly recommended that clipping any animal irrespective of size should only be undertaken if you possess either a spare new or newly sharpened second set of blades, so as to avoid the admittedly remote possibility of a non or partially clipped animal .

Tensioning is one of the easiest tasks to perform. You need to practice to begin with but one the art is learnt it can be done with your eyes shut. Cattle and Sheep owners get a lot of practice – Horse owner infrequently clip enough to become familar with their machines – hence the importance of practice with any machine. Generally the best advice is to follow the instructions on tensioning in the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Oil is VITAL to the cool running of the blades and the clipper head
The diagram will give guidance to the various places to oil. Oil frequently, but liberally! (Remember most of the oil will be swept off the blades the moment you switch on the machine.)

A shearer shearing 250/300 sheep in a day may use up to a gallion of oil!

Some makes of horse/cattle clippers are fitted with a “locking” nut – this should be screwed downward and “locked” tightly once you are certain the tensioning is correct.

Blade sharpening is an engeering skill, which requires not only a great degree of individual skill, but the use and application of the correct machinary. Understanding the importance between lapping v grinding blades as well as appreciating the various blade styles is vital to their “clipping” performance.

Blades sent to Peasridge will be re-sharpened (lapped) by professional engineers on the correct profession machinery in accordance with blade manufacturer’s recommendations. In certain instances blades may be returned to the manufacturer if we deem it necessary.

We fully understand the importance attached to correct and reliable sharpening, as we do to those instances when blades for whatever reason, do not give the performance expected!

However whilst we are confident all blades sharpened by Peasridge are returned to their owners in a sound and fit for purpose state, ALL CUSTOMERS should note we cannot and do not accept any liability for complaints about the clipping performance of blades which have been received and unused for a period in excess of FOUR WEEKS from being re-sharpened by us.

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