Moser - Detachable Narrow

MOSER ” narrow “detachable” A 5 type blades are suitable for use on all professional clippers using “detachable” blades such as those manufactured by Andis, Oster, Heiniger, Aesculap, Laube, Thrive, Wahl, and of course several Moser machines. These are popular blades used for principally clipping dogs, and cats as well as many other animals both large and small. Moser narrow “detachable” A 5 blades are generally not available to be purchased within the UK, nor we understand in the USA. However they are available in virtually all-European countries, Peasridge maintain constant supplies of genuine ex factory Moser blades for customers both in the UK and worldwide. Many of our professional customers often prefer to use Moser blades with their Moser clipper. UK purchasers who acquire a new Moser machine are required to use the Wahl “Competition Series” blades, which are normally now supplied with the Moser clipper at the point of sale, or to select additional blades from Oster, Andis, Aesculap, Laube or Thrive blade ranges. (Wahl of course own Moser.) Moser “detachable” blades, unlike many similar blades, are still made at the Moser factory in the heart of the Black Forest, in Germany, by German craftsmen who have been involved in the art of blade making for many years. Made from finest German steel these blades are forged in true German tradition, honed and sharpen to become some of the most superior blades available, which accounts for their popularity among many clipping professionals who have had the opportunity to use them. Many professional groomers go as far as to consider these blade superiors to other makes. Moser blades may vary on the flat side of the comb blade with some having a “smooth” surface, others may have a “ribbed” surface as shown in our various blade diagrams. Horse owners may be interested to note that Moser make two of the finest “detachable” wide blades as far as clipping performance is concerned for use on “detachable” blade using professional horse clippers. The standard wide blade is highly popular, and the wide fine blade copes well with the more difficult fine hair coats. Unlike many wide blades which are essentially designed for large dog breeds, but may be found to work on certain breeds of horses, the Moser wide blades are specifically designed for use on horses and can be confidently purchased for use on most horse breeds including certain cob and native breeds. The Moser narrow blades are often used for various parts of the horse’s body, the face and legs or the mane especially in the case of polo ponies. Customer should note: Narrow detachable small animal blades: – The blades clipping to the closest distance from the skin – thus leaving the least hair will be the highest blade number (#40)Blades leaving increasing depths of hair start generally from blades size# 7 and downward in numerical numbering.Blade sizes #40 to size #8.5 are of one style but varying cutting depths generally, and it is usual for them to have a smooth back on the lower plate. From blade size 7 to the last blades in the range – which may be a 3 or ¾ size, the blades generally split into two distant types – the “full” tooth style blade or the “skip” tooth blade. A “skip” tooth blade is a blade were the teeth of the lower plate (comb) alternate from one long with one short across the cutting face. This allows for a “scissoring effect when applied rather than a smooth finish. Often referred to as a “blending” blade.A “full” tooth blade, is one marked “F” after the blade size number, or in some cases “FC” is a “full” or “full cut” blade indicating that it gives a smooth velvet style finish when used. Thus blades marked as “#7” will invariably be a skip tooth blade; whereas a blade marked #7F or #7FC will be a full tooth blade. Both “full” tooth blades and or “skip” tooth blades may be ribbed or have a plain surfaced on the lower blade plate. Some manufacturers claim the ribbed effect helps to keep the blade cooler. A “corduroy” marked effect can sometimes be seen on a smooth coat such as a horse when a ribbed blade is used. Its effects are short termed however and usually disappear within 24/48 hrs of being clipped.The mm depth cutting size can, and may, often vary by a small amount from one manufacturer to another. Animal grooming customers should be careful to ensure they use Moser animal designed blades as listed below and not those designed for human hair clipping. Some outlets may confuse products!

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