Machines and blades for industrial use

Peasridge has for many years advised and supplied corporate and individual customers all over the world with various electric clipping machines for a wide range of industrial uses including…….

Various carpet trimming requirements
Yarn, cotton, felt and other fibre trimming
Mascara brush shaping
Preparing equipment for filming purposes
Industrial broom trimming
Industrial paint roller edging
Animal skin preparation for clothing fabrics
Animal skin preparation for food purposes.

Whilst animal clippers are not intended for industrial use, and as such one is in “uncharted” waters as far as the successful use of both clippers and blades are concerned, very often a selected machine when fitted with the correct blade will perform perfectly. In past years we have recommended certain machines for “in factory use” twenty four hours a day, with total customer satisfaction. Our extensive knowledge of a wide range of both clippers and blades is unique and this enable us to offer customers specialist advice in not only the selection of the right machine but choosing the most suitable blades to use for the industrial requirement.

Clearly the application of clippers and blades primarily designed and intended for animal used in an industrial mode is very much entering “unchartered waters” as far as performance and satisfactory results is concerned. It is here that our specialist knowledge assists in order that a final and reliable conclusion can be achieved. We have a long and well established relationship with all the major clipper manufacturers which enable us should it be necessary, to discuss with their senior engineers, any technical aspects that might need clarification. Customer’s confidentiality is assured at all times.

Our normal approach to advising you is to first get a full appreciating of what you are seeking to achieve. This may involve a number of questions covering not only the materials involved, but the person/s and their known skills who will ultimately be operating any machine used. Once we have a complete understanding of the materials you are involved with, we can make recommendations of both suitable machine and blades. In some instances we may ask for a sample of the material and then conduct our own tests to establish both machine and blade suitability..

Experience suggests many involved in the use of clippers “industrially” have little or no practical knowledge of basic clipper or blade maintenance. It is important that the “end user” is familiar with basic “operation and maintenance” in order maintain machine and blade in constant high performance. This we attempt to redress through the initial contact, who would be expected to ensure such information is passed on to, and understood by all end users involved.

Material samples intended for trial purposes should be sent to:

Pear Tree Farm
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For further information and advice for your particular industrial needs please contact Peasridge S S Limited

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