Wizard – Sheep 13 Teeth

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“Wizard” blades enable one to clip and dag sheep with your Lister cattle/horse clipper, whereas normally you would have to use a sheep head, or a sheep shearing machine according to which model of Lister clipper you have.

Wizard Sheep blades differ slightly to the Cattle version in that they are referred to as being “not butted and with some lead”. In lay terms this means the cutter is very slightly “laid back” from the comb by approx. 3/16th on an inch

Wizard Cattle blades are “butted” meaning that both the cutter and comb have no noticeable distance between the tips of the blades

Wizard Sheep blades are intended for clipping sheep using any one of the principal Lister clipping machines Showman/Laser/Stablemate/Neon.

Cutting depth 4mm

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