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<b The Hauptner “HE-07 Electric Rapide” is one of the early Hauptner horse/cattle clippers, manufactured from the early 1960’s until around 1978/9 when it was succeeded by the “Hauptner HE-09 Rapide horse/cattle clipper.

The “Hauptner HE-09 Electric Rapide” horse/cattle clipper is often incorrectly referred to as “the black 07 Rapide” Care should be taken to distinguish between the models as both are black. Catalogue numbers for each are as follows:
Hauptner HE-07 Rapide. Catalogue ref number 87100.000
Hauptner HE-09 Rapide. Catalogue ref number 89100.000

Due to the high quality of the German Hauptner manufacturer, many of both the early HE-07 and HE-09 models are still in active service performing and meeting the needs of their equine or cattle owners.

There are similarities in both the colour (black) and the general shape of the “HE-07 Electric Rapide” to the Hauptner “07 Electric Rapide” – although the earlier model has a more “square” appearance and a different shaped head design! Please ensure when ordering parts you have identified the correct model. Clipper images are given on parts diagrams for comparison.

Whilst the crankhead is fitted with a roller to engage the cutter blade, we have seen models using the square style nylon drive block similar to the type fitted to the Hauptner “HE-09 Electric Rapide”, and accommodating the Hauptner blades.

The Hauptner “HE-07 Electric Rapide” model has been long since discontinued along with the Hauptner “HE-09 Electric Rapide” both having been replaced with the purple handled Hauptner “Electric 2000” which was introduced to the UK market in 2000. In November 2016 a new version of the Hauptner 2000 “Plus” was introduced to replace the original 2000 model.

We are still able to supply a number of genuine spare parts for the Hauptner “HE-07 Electric Rapide,”- however as these are not being replace by the Hauptner factory as they become used up, customers are advised to seek confirmation that parts they seek are available. Below is a list of new part items that are no longer available.

June 2010
Tension bolt

Hauptner engineers have changed the shape of the Hauptner tension bolt head which now replaces the tension bolt as as previously used on production models of the 2000 & 3000 models. The new style bolt instead of being round headed as previously supplied has been changed to an oblong shaped head. This enabling both the comb and cutter blades to be removed without fully havingun-screw the tension nut, remove both the spring and bolt, before removing the blades.

When inserting the new type tension bolt you should turn it from the “horizontal” position to a “vertical” position, which enables it when tightened, to grip the side plates of the comb blade . (This can be seen in the video clip on the Hauptner 2000 Plus clipper page – SEE CLIPPERS – Heavy duty – Hauptner 2000 Plus)

May 2015
Tension nuts

Until the Hauptner factory reduces the currently held stock of tension nuts, plastic grey tension nuts will be supplied to repace the current metal tension nut as normally supplied under part number: 86831.050

Periodically we do have a limited number of “used” parts that have been removed from original Hauptner HE-07 machines. These are offer for sale on the understanding that they are from a genuine Hauptner HE-07 “Rapide” machine and considered still serviceable for future use. All such parts are fully checked by our resident senior engineer as to their working condition and are sold in a “second hand” status.

Part number: 87100.42 Armature
Part number: 87100.07 Clipper head
Part number: 87100.07 Grub screw within clipping head
Part number: 86831.20 Blade holder
Part number: 87100.68 Condenser
Part number: 87100.67 Switch
Part number: 87100.78 End cap:
Part number: 87100.32 Switch – old style
Part number: 87100.240 Brush cap
Part number: 87100.440 Seive ring (air filter)
Part number: 87100.970 Rubber grommit

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Showing all 11 results