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HEINIGER, AESCULAP and STEWART OSTER Blades –  GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION: – Occasionally one comes across AESCULAP, HEINIGER, or STEWART OSTERhorse/cattle clippers where the upper and lower blades are  in- correctly fitted. If the motor of the machine is started with the blade in-correctly fitted, substantial damage may be incurred to both the clipper head and or the body internal parts. We have seen a number of instances over the years when either one, or in some cases both the blade have been fitted “up-side-down” (the wrong way round) It is vital therefore that all heavy and light duty  AESCULAP, HEINIGER, or STEWART OSTER clippers using this type of blade, have  both blades correctly fitted.The image opposite shows this type of blade fitted to an Aesculap “Econom Plus” GT474 clipper. The two blades are fitted correctly and the machine is ready to clip. Note the way the upper and lower blades are fitted to the head as seen from the side of the clipper head. When fitted correctly there is a “depressed oval” gap between the two blades (like “pursed” lips!) The following horse/cattle clippers are normally fitted with  AESCULAP, HEINIGER, or STEWART OSTER blades of this type.  Aesculap “SE” models Aesculap “Econom Plus” models All Heiniger models except the Heiniger “Saphir” Steward Oster “Clipmaster” models PLEASE NOTE MASTERCLIP models may be sold as Chinese copies of HEINIGER horse clippers. Whilst genuine Heiniger blades may fit these machines we are unable to guarantee this or their cutting performances on these machines .

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