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The HAUPTNER HE-09 Electric Rapide is a DISCONTINUED model
It was replaced in the year 2000 by the
The HAUPTNER Electric 2000c (horse/cattle) and 2000s (sheep) models

Care should be taken to distinguish between the models as both HE-07 and HE-09 models are black. (The Hauptner HE-09horse/cattle clipper is often incorrectly referred to as “the black 07 Rapide” )

Catalogue numbers for each are as follows:
Hauptner HE-07 Electric Rapide
Catalogue ref number 87100.000

Hauptner HE-09 Electric Rapide
Catalogue ref number 89100.00

Hauptner HE-07 Electric Rapideis one of the early Hauptner horse/cattle clippers, manufactured from the early 1960’s until around 1978/9 when it was succeeded by the Hauptner HE-09 Electric Rapide horse/cattle clippers.
In the year 2000 it was replaced by
The HAUPTNER Electric 2000c (horse/cattle) and s (sheep) models Mk I’s
Over the years various small changes have been introduced to both horse/cattle and sheep models
In 1915 the horse/cattle model was refered to and sold in the UK as
The HAUPTNER Electric 2000 PLUSl models

Due to the high quality of the German Hauptner manufacturer, many of the early HE-07 and HE-09 models are still in active service performing and meeting the needs of their owners.

There are similarities in both the colour (black) and the general shape of the “HE-07 Electric Rapide” to the Hauptner “07 Electric Rapide” – although the earlier model has a more “square” appearance and a different shaped head design! Please ensure when ordering parts you have identified the correct model. Clipper images are given on parts diagrams for comparison.

Product code 89100.710 – Armature – not shown on diagram
Product code 89200.760 – Cutter retainer – item 8
Product code 87200.740 – Cutter retainer screw – item 10

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Showing all 14 results