LISCOP SUPER PROFI 3000 Sheep/Dirty Cattle Clipper

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Manufacturer: LISCOP of GERMANY
Type: Mains heavy duty
Voltage rating: 230v
Wattage: 350 watts
Noise level rating: Peasridge 4
Official noise rating: 75dB (A)
Weight (with blade fitted): 1.4 kgs
Length (with blade fitted) 12-inches/30.5cm
Cutting speeds ONE 2200 double csm
Casing colour: Green/silver head
Blade type: Traditional livestock
Blade tensioning required: Yes
Cable length: Average 5m
Guarantee period: One
Electrical ratings CE/VDE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Hard plastic carry case/shearing machine with lead and 3-pin UK plug/Liscop A5 cutter and comb set/oil/spanner/instruction manual

Peasridge Star rating: THREE
Peasridge Score rating: 70%%
Comment: AVERAGE

Solid and reliable. Been subject to upgrades. In its day a good solid machine. Proven and well tested by many over the years.


Basically this is the Liscop 3000 horse/cattle clipper with a sheep head fitted and known as the Liscop “Profi” shearing machine. Bearing in mind the age of this machine which from a design aspect goes back to the last century its appearance against the raft of modern machine appearing since the year 2000 is definitely “dated!” However that said it has stood the test of time and is well proven certainly in the shearing arena with many small flock owners and sheep farmers.

At 2200 double cutting strokes per minute and even fitted with a new 20 blade fan the motor is still too noisy for many horses. A reduction in the weight of around 15% helped to reduce what was a heavy appliance of the “old school” type machines. Fitted with an aluminium head housing, this clipper has a unique dual purpose ventilating system, which effectively cools the motor, gearbox as well as blades (or cutters and comb). The air filter is the slide out type, offering easy cleaning with no tools being required. One point to bear in mind – the on/off switch is located on the side at the rear and is therefore not readily accessible in relation to operator’s safety in an emergency situation especially where unpredictable animals are involved.

Liscop A5 cutter and comb – 77mm width for normal wool
Liscop A54 cutter and comb – 89mm width for professional use on normal wool
Liscop A55 cutter and comb – 89mm width for professional use on fine and extra fine wool

This shearing machine also takes cutters and combs from the LISTER and HEINIGER range as well as most other traditional sizes. Cutters and combs of the narrow style are not suitable.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer’s the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: April 2015

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