Horner Rambo




The Rambo offers the ease and speed of a hang-up machine in a hand held clipper. The handpiece runs off 24 volts and is powered either by mains, a 12v volt vehicle battery or a portable battery worn on a belt.

Every Rambo is sold as a complete kit with everything you need to start shearing including 2 x Longhorn combs, 4 x Longhorn cutters, a protective carry case and machine accessories.

  • Rambo Mains – Comes with a compact transformer which plugs into mains power and reduces to 24 volts. A 4 metre heavy-duty electrical cable carries 24 volts to the handpiece, providing electrical safety and convenience in difficult environments.
  • Rambo Vehicle – The Rambo Vehicle connects to any 12 volt vehicle battery, or any spare 12 volt battery. The 12 volt adaptor increases to 24 volts which passes to the machine through a 4 metre heavy-duty cable, providing excellent freedom of movement.
  • Rambo Combo – The Rambo Combo can be run from either mains or a 12 volt battery. Supplied with both the mains transformer and the 12 volt vehicle adaptor. Convenient and versatile.
  • Rambo Quickdraw – The Rambo Quickdraw allows up to 2 hours of use from a single battery worn on your belt allowing ultimate portability. It has the ability to shear as fast as a hang-up shearing machine.
  • 1 year warranty

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Mains, Vehicle, Combo, QuickDraw