TailWell Power Tail Trimmer

£295.00 + VAT (£354.00 Inc VAT)


Manufactured by Shoof, this unique device has been developed to simplify the tedious job of trimming tails of milking cows. Tail trimming is carried out to reduce faecal and urine contamination of the milker, and to reduce dirt around the rear quarters and udder of the cow. It is recommended that tail trimming is carried out about twice a year to ensure milker safety and highest milk quality. The TailWell Tail Trimmer is secured by way of the chuck shank into any suitable cordless drill of 14 volts or better, and producing approx. 1,000rpm. It is quiet in use, with a smooth and fast cutting action. Trimming takes only 3-4 seconds per tail, and is easily accomplished during milking. The outer blade oscillates over a fixed inner blade, so there is no risk of injury to man or cow. A neck strap is incorporated so the device can be hands-free between cows. Replacement blade sets are available. Lubrication is applied to the blades at the start of operation, and should be re-applied each 80-100 tails.
“Pre-cutting of the tail switch is not necessary, even if it is very dirty.”

Simple drill-chuck attachment for regular (cordless) power drill – DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DRILL

Lubrication: Important: Before operating your Tailwell the cutters must be lubricated by applying a few drops of the Tailwell lubricant, supplied in the kit. This should be repeated every 30 to 50 tails, more frequently if the tails are very dirty, or have sand in them.

Safety: The inner cutter does not move, so cannot cut the animal. The outer cutter oscillates through 18 degrees. The tail is fed stump-end first into the cutters whilst the drill is at full speed (1750rpm max), and fed through allowing the cutters to trim the hair up the tail.

Cutter Adjustment: If the cutting performance drops off it may be that the cutters need re-adjusting. This can be done by aligning the teeth on top of each other, then tightening each of the knurled screws (12) until finger tight. (You will feel them engage against the cutter.) Then back-off each screw a fraction of a turn (no more than 1mm.) Run the drill for about 20 seconds then adjust again.