HAUPTNER 3000 c/w Wolseley A2 Blades

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Manufacturer: HAUPTNER of GERMANY
Type: Mains powered heavy duty
Voltage rating: 230v/50Hz
Wattage: 180
Noise level rating: Peasridge 2
Weight (with wide blade fitted): 1,1kgs
Length (with wide blade fitted) 11-inches/28cm
Cutting speeds ONE 4700 scm
Casing colour: Green/black
Blade tensioning required: Yes
Cable length: 5m
Guarantee period: Two year
Electrical ratings CE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Hard plastic carry case/Clipper with lead and 3-pin UK plug/Liveryman A2 blade set/oil/spare drive block/Instruction manual

Peasridge Star rating: GOLD FIVE STAR
Peasridge Score rating: 97%

Probably the most compact, slim and lightest heavy duty machine. Certainly in the top three heavy duty clippers. Ability to use Liscop, Liveryman and Wolseley blades.

Whilst this video is primally for the Hauptner 2000 Plus its advice can be followed for the Hauptner 3000 horse/cattle model as apart from the types of blades used the machines are identical as is the fitting, alignment and tensioning of blades. This You Tube video has been prepared by Hauptner to help all users with the changing the cutter and comb plates (blades) when the machine is fitted with the new style tension bolt, the cleaning of the clipper head and the correct alignment and tensioning of the blades to give peak clipping performance. Those who have machines with the old style tension bolt please make allowances for this, although the other advice remains the same.

Principle features
Lightweight – little over one kilo!
Slim body – shaped – perfect for the smaller hand!
Noise level – low with minimal vibration!
Length – At 11 inches one of the shortest and most compact!
Life expectancy – probably outlive your horse!
Takes either Liscop, Liveryman or Wolseley blades

Identical to the Hauptner 2000 with two exceptions –
1.The clipper head
Unlike the Hauptner 2000 it takes either Liscop, Liveryman or Wolseley blades
2.The body colour
Unlike the Hauptner 2000 the upper body casing is green not purple.
Lower body casing remains black

The 3000 model is an identical copy of the outstanding Hauptner Electric 2000 PLUS – German made horse/cattle clipper designed and engineered to professional reliability – breaking away from the last century of heavy, cumbersome machines which often were noisy and prone to vibration! This is a modern clipper for those who are in the market for quality and practical designs and who are looking to expect years of service! Throughout the UK and Europe there are owner’s of Hauptner clippers who can boast active service records of thirty or more years and still going strong! Some machine still in use actually date back to the 1960’s!

Powered by a proven permanent energised motor giving a 180 watt performance it is renowned for its lightweight, ultra slim handling ability, coupled with low noise level and minimial vibration. The advanced engine design results in low energy output which gives a greater degree of operational quietness. Double insulated. The speed output is virtually constant between idle running and clipping. Air fan vents have been designed to avoid blasting hair all over the operator, which was an annoying feature of the earlier HE-07 and HE-09 models.

Apply regular applications of oil keep the head and blades cool – as with all machines! Oiling as with all types of blades should be liberal but applied every few minutes. This is important and requires to be a discipline. Correctly operated this machine will produce some highly impressive “quality” clips and give many years of service.

Is simple but correct tensioning of the blades like any livestock clipper is all-important to achieve the best clipping results. The manufacturer’s recommendations are as follows “Tighten down the regulation nut until feeling first resistance from the spring, at this point continue to turn 1 ¼ additional turns and it should be correct for most clipping operations. If further adjustment is required, imagine the regulation nut is a clock face and tighten or loosen by 5 minutes until the correct clipping position is achieved..

Irrespective of your knowledge as with all new machines – you need to read the manual and the instructions before you start any actual clipping

The Hauptner 3000 is very popular choice with many ladies due to the comfortable handling, slim handpiece, shorter length and lightweight feel. Of all the machines on the market Hauptner machines iare an absolute pleasure to use – perfect for the smaller hand, and with most full body clipping taking an hour or more this has to be an important factor!

Those persons interested in converting the Hauptner 3000 horse/cattle machine into a sheep shearing unit can use the Hauptner 2000 (CSM0024) shearing head for conversion. However it is important to remember the 2000 head will only fit the “old version” as the new version will not accept this head.

With the Hauptner 3000 you have three manufacturers blades ranges to select from

LISCOP LCA2 (Lia2) – standard horse blade
LISCOP LCA22 (Lia22) – fine horse/cattle blade
LISCOP LCA6 (Lia6) – standard cattle blade
LISCOP LCA7 Lia7) – coarse cattle blade

LIVERYMAN A2 – standard horse blade
LIVERYMAN A22 – fine horse/cattle blade

Wolseley A2 – horse standard blades
Wolseley A2F – horse fine blades
Wolseley A6 – standard cattle blade
Wolseley A7 – coarse cattle blade

Electrical machines offered for sale are for use with the electrical supply system as stated.
Customers should check their electrical supply rating – if in any doubts seek professional advice from a qualified electrician.
The USA has a national 110-volt electrical supply system, 240-volt products will need specialist converter equipment and even then may not work.
It is recommended that you seek professional advice from a qualified electrician before making a purchase.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer’s the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: October 2017


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