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(Recommended for deep cleaning, coat conditioning and stain removal!
Great value for money – 50 to 1 concentration rate shampoo and conditioner)

Double K “Ultimate is an all natural 50 – 1 high concentration professional shampoo which gives both deep down cleaning and high quality coat conditioning.

Used widely all over American on all types of breeds it is a new introduction to our range and proving highly popular with professional groomers and individual pet owners alike!

Perfect for virtually all types of coats it achieves excellent luminizing and volumizing effects, and is exceptional at really deep cleaning dirty and smelly coats, as well as removing many stubborn stains with gentle thoroughness.

The mild yet pleasant fragrance is pleasing without leaving a strong scent and the emollient and humectants rich formula is excellent for everyday use.

This is a perfect shampoo for conditioning the hair, softening the skin and leaving the coat luminous and manageable.

Perfect to use on younger animals of all breeds, but do NOT used on any puppies, kittens or any young animals UNDER 6 weeks of age.

Ideal for cattle, horses, sheep, alpacas, cats and dogs as well as many types of domestic pets.

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