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Recommended especially for whitening, and brightening, cleaning, and removal of stains and odours. Ideal for show animals especially!

A really stunning professional whitening and brightening shampoo of excellent quality developed and made in the USA with a concentration rate of 15 – 1 intended expressly for use on white, black and white and multi colour coated animals but equally great on other coat colours!

Made from all natural based products this is a beautifully thick, rich and creamy shampoo without any special thickening ingredients added, with very mild yet pleasing fragrance.

Popular with many professional groomers and especially those involved in exhibition showing and considered ideal for a deep yet gentle cleaning of all animals especially those with white or white multi coloured coats. The deep cleaning action removes many types of stains and yellowing effects. Deoderises and leaves a lustrous and healthy looking coat.

Animals washed with this product retain a long lasting effect long after the initial wash, the coat not only looking fantastic but feeling and smelling great also. The unique formula contains Aloe, Panthenol and Vitamin E, whilst maintaining a natural moisture balance between both the skin and the hair which is so important.

Recommended strongly for use on all show animals for stunning results. Ideal for cattle, horses, sheep, alpacas, cats and dogs as well as many types of domestic pets.

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