T10 – wide blade

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Andis ref: UltraEdge #22305
Cuts to: 1/16th” – 1.5mm
Cutting face width: 60mm
Chrome plated finish.
Wide “T” shaped blade

T10 blade is a similar design to the Andis T84 blade and has a cutting face of just over 2.25-inches (60mm) and is equipped with 36 teeth on the lower comb blade and 33 teeth on the cutter blade,

The comb blade has long slender lead teeth with the cutter teeth riding very close to the comb bevel making it a good blade for use on a number of the dense coated areas.

Used with many detachable blade using clippers on nervous horses, and found effective!

In America the T84 blade has a popular following amongst those who prepare exhibition cattle and a number of persons clipping horses report satisfaction in it application. Nice blade for the dairy breeds.

Whist at 1.5mm it might be too close for many autumn horse clips it has potential we would have thought for those clipping out to summer show standards

Please note: Attachment combs cannot be used with these blades.

This blade will fit all types of clippers, which accept detachable A5 type blades including
Aesculap model: FAV5
Andis models: AG/AGC/AGR/MBG
Heiniger model: Saphir
Laube models: 503/513/505/553/555/573/Lightening/Micro models
Moser models: KM1/Max 45/Avalon/Artiko
Oster models: Oster A5/Oster Power Pro
Thrive models: 900N/50 range
Wahl model: Switchblade

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