Sullivan’s Vita Hair Volumizer Foaming Shampoo




A true ”game changer” in hair performance!

The first livestock shampoo to scientifically produce hair volume. Foaming Shampoo is formulated with a natural plant-based proprietary surfactant technology which creates an opposite acting polar electrical charge within each hair strand that actually pushes every hair follicle apart. This prevents the hair from sticking together and actually springs it loose, making each hair follicle stand on end for a noticeable difference in hair volume and body. Enriched with the Vita Hair vitamin package to nourish the hair coat as it cleans deep to the roots of the hair. Designed to be used in a Soap FoamerJust pour full strength Vita Hair Volumizerin Soap Foamer and apply.

946ml or 3.785 Ltr (US Gallon)

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946ml, 3.78l, Soap Foamer