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Distributor/Brand: Liveryman UK
Type: Cordless, semi-professional
Voltage rating: 240v
Clip time: Average 3.5 hours
Recharge time: Average 2.5 hours
Battery voltage: 7.4v 1600mAh
Battery type: Lithium Polymer
Weight: (with blade fitted) 0.25kgs
Length: (with blade ) 6.5-inches/16.5cm
Cutting speeds: ONE 5500 double spm
Noise Level: Peasridge score 2
Casing colour: Red/black
Blade type: Detachable type
Blade tensioning required: No
Guarantee period: One year
Electrical ratings: CE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Boxed/clipper handpiece/charger stand with 12v lead and adapter/Liveryman standard blade set/4 attachment combs 3/6/9/12mm/oil/brush/operating instructions.

Peasridge Star rating: FIVE
Peasridge Score rating: 94%

Easy to use reliable cordless machine of good value.

Liveryman have recently introduced several new and small clippers and trimmers to the market under the “Liveryman” brand of which the “Classic” is one which to date would appear to have good capabilities in a number of clipping scenarios, one of which is said to be with horses.

With an ergonomic shaped body which fits the hand nicely it is lightweight, and compact it and is fitted with a detachable type blade, the lower plate made with a titanium coated, and a ceramic upper blade. One reported feature of this machine is its versatility of the blade, which is the type that allows you the flexibility of setting it to any one of four separate positions. This therefore allows for clipping adjustment to be undertaken at 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm or, without having to change the blade. Apart from the obvious advantage of not having to purchase other blades of varying sizes, the convenience of instant blade depth adjustment is enormously valuable when clipping.

This blade’s versatility together with the machine size and its cordless ability, plus the low noise factor makes the clipper suitable for a wide range of clipping activities. Vibration together with noise levels are minimal and vibration really can only be detected on the most sensitive areas, so this should make the machine acceptable to all but the most nervous of animals and therefore suitable for many equine owners seeking a machine for facial work, possible hogging and leg feather trimming. For pet owners seeking additional lengths over and above those offered by the blade adjustment can opt to use any one of the four attachment combs supplied.

Equine and pet owners will find the cordless mode an attractive feature especially with a clip time said to be 3.5 hours when full charged – the re-charge time is two and a half hours. A long lasting Lithium polymer battery is internally fitted. Powered by brushless motor with a life time of 10,000 hours, it generates 5500 double cutting strokes per minute at a noise level by our scale of “2” We suspect a very slight degree of minor vibration might be felt by the more nervous animal especially on sensitive areas such as facial bone structure in the case of horses. Whilst very slight and not envisaged as a problem in the majority of animals, it is worth being aware of if you are intending purchasing for use on very nervous animals, such as a cat or horse. (Test it first on your own skull!)

The blades are the “detachable” all one piece type with a blade face width averaging 46mm. Detachable blades do not require any tensioning – they are supplied already tensioned, and are NOT intended to be taken apart. Having switched the machine to the “OFF” position they are simply removed by placing the tips of your fingers over the blade teeth and your thumb over the lower portion of the blade. Now using your fingers ease the blade back – off and away from the clipper head. The blade on the production machine we tested was a little tight so expect to apply some pressure to remove – this may well be a “newness” factor and will ease with use. This is perfectly normal but could be perceived however be “off putting” too many users for the first time of this type of blade/machine, who may be uncertain of how much thumb pressure is needed!

Fitting this type of blade is again not difficult – they “snap” back on the clipper head with a “small” shaped “hook” which should be positioned into an opening the plastic head housing. This can be done with the motor running or switched off as preferred. Fitting the blade is well worth familiarising oneself with, and attempting a few times before removing or replacing a blade! Oiling blades every few minutes is important with all makes of blades whatever the type – it is the only form of lubrication blades get and prevents them overheating when in use. On the subject of oiling – one would be wise to purchase additional oil as the amount supplied is a fraction of what you will need and use!

Detachable, titanium coated lower blade, and ceramic upper blade.
4 position – 0.8mm to 2mm

This clipper only takes blades from the LIVERYMAN detachable blade range above.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer’s the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: April 2015

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