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Manufacturer: AESCULAP of GERMANY
Type: Mains powered, professional
Voltage rating: 230v – 50/60Hz
Wattage: 35
Weight: (with narrow blade fitted): 0.625kgs
Length: (with narrow blade fitted) 8.20-inches/20.5cm
Cutting speeds: ONE at 2300 spm
Noise Level: Peasridge score 2
Casing colour: Red
Blade type: All detachable A5 type
Blade tensioning required: No
Cable length: 3.94m
Guarantee period: TWO years
Electrical ratings: EN55014/EN61000-6-1/EN50419/CE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Quality plastic case/clipper unit fitted with Aesculap size #10 blade and UK 3pin moulded plug/90ml oil/manual/guarantee card

Peasridge Star rating: FIVE
Peasridge Score rating: 95%

German Made! – Can one say more? Ultimate engineering and quality – built to last! A detachable A5 type blade machine from the worlds finest manufacturer of animal clippers.

The appeal of Aesculap clippers (and this applies to all their machines whether for large or small animals) is above all the many qualities of this make, the quietness of the machine when in operation! For any groomer or pet owner working with an animal with a natural nervousness to being clipped the Aesculaps’s unique low tone and natural smoothness of the motor coupled with the lack of blade vibration makes it the natural choice

With over two decades of manufacturing the Favorita II – probably the best cat and dog clipper made – Aesculap suddenly stormed the grooming world in 2010 lifting manufacturing standards to a new level with the introduction of their FAV5 GT105- their first ever detachable A5 type blade using clipper!.

The FAV5 is a powerful machine with a smooth sounding motor which apart from being typically Aesculap in tone inspires confidence in its ability to generate power for professional use. Now with that power and the expertise of Aesculap engineering you can also fit not only your existing detachable A5 blades – whether they be Oster, Andis, Laube, Thrive or Wahl. Aesculap have also created a full range of Aesculap high quality German made detachable type A5 blades which closely “mirror” the sizes of your existing Oster blades.

Peasridge was one of the few privileged to conduct intensive practical field trials in a number of professional grooming parlours and can say with complete confidence that the FAV5 fully lived up to the very high standards of performance we have come to expect from Aesculap over many years. Since then it has gone on to prove itself in many areas apart from cat and dog grooming.

A number of engineering features lifts this machine into a superior category and as such places it ahead of any competitors.
A ball bearing universal motor providing great durability
A smooth low noise level motor tone – the hallmark of Aesculap quality!
A cutting stroke ratio generating virtually a total absence of vibration.
A ventilation system eliminating overheating during prolonged use.
Easily cleaned air filter
Motor and component parts in an unbreakable body casing
Designed and made in Germany by skilled German engineers
Two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you are a groomer, an individual dog owner or breeder clipping for routine husbandry or sanitary purposes, the Aesculap blade range and other makes of detachable A5 type blades offer you a huge choice to select from whatever the task confronting you maybe.

GT305 #50 – 0.2mm
GT310 #40 – 0.25mm
GT317 #30 – 0.5mm
GT326 #15 – 1.2 mm
GT330 #10 – 1.6 mm
GT333 #9 – 2mm
GT341 #8.5 – 2.8mm
GT343 #7 – 3.2mm
GT345 #7F – 3.2mm
GT357 #5 – 6.3mm
GT360 #5F – 6.3mm
GT364 #4F – 9.5mm
GT368 #3.5 – 9.5mm
GT320 #5/8th – 0.8mm
GT323 #7/8th – 0.8mm

GT339 #10 wide – 2.4mm medium.

This clipper can be also fitted with ANDIS/ LAUBE/MOSER/OSTER /THRIVE/WAHL detachable A5 type blades.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer’s the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: April 2015

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