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Replacement blade for the Aesculap Exacta GT415 “Paw print” model, supplied with blade screw.

Lower plate: 32 teeth
Upper plate: 25 teeth
Blade reference: GT616
Cutting width: 24mm
Setting positions: One – standard

This blade is an “one piece” detachable which is screw fitted to the clipper head..

PLEASE NOTE: The blade screw should only be removed using this special “Allen” key (also referred to as a “Hex-key) which is supplied originally with the trimmer when new (See underside of the Charger station.) Either end of the “Allen” key may be used for undoing the screw, according to ease and comfort. Use of the tool is simple. By only using an “Allen” key to undo the screw, the six sided surfaces of the screw are protected from external damage.

DO NOTE attempt to try removing the screw with a screwdriver or other type of tool as you may risk damaging the hexagonal screw head and therefore be unable to remove the blade.

Aesculap recommends the blades should be frequently cleaned and oil. Replace with new Aesculap blades when blunt

To remove the blade:
ONLY use the special “Allen” key (Located under the Charger base unit.) Other tools may damage the special blade screw!
Slot the “Allen” key into the six sided hole in the blade screw. Use “anti-clockwise” to un-screw the blade screw. Remove the blade by pushing against the blade teeth with your thumb.
Exercise care when un-screwing the blade. DO NOT lose the blade screw! (New blade screws are only available with a new blade)

To replace the blade:
Motor switch in the off position
Push the new blade set on to the clipper head until it fit snugly (See page 15 of your instruction manual.)
Only use the recommended Allen key to undo the blade screw and do not over tighten the screw as you may cause damage to the thread!

This type of detachable blade has one standard cutting position

Comb attachments as supplied with the trimmer offer addition cutting lengths according to the selected setting. (See page 14 of your instruction manual.)

Please remember to add the cutting length as set on the trimmer to the comb selected.

PLEASE NOTE: The “Allen” key shown in the image on the left hand side is NOT included with a new blade

(Spare “Allen” keys are available see CLIPPER PARTS – Aesculap “Exacta” trimmer.)

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