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These blades are suitable for the Aesculap “Akkurata” GT405 “Paw print” model

Lower plate: 26 teeth
Upper plate: 30 teeth
Blade reference: GT606
Cutting width: 40mm
Adjustable: Three setting positions – 0.5mm, 1.5mm and 2.5mm.

This blade is an “all one piece” detachable which is easily fitted to the clipper head.

It is recommended NOT to undo the two blade screws on the blade face.
Aesculap recommends the blades should be replaced with new ones when blunt

Remove the blade by holding the clipper in your hand and placing your thumb against the blade head teeth (Use the first index finger positioned behind the blade as protection against the blade dropping) As the blade is a secure tight fitting to the clipper head some force may be needed – this is quite normal!

Replace the blade:
Motor switch in the off position
This is simply done by placing the two blade lugs in the recess area of the clipper head (See page 18 of your instruction manual.) Slightly swivel the blade head to locate the drive crank spindle and press the blade head back against the clipper. You will hear the blade click into place. Do not use force!

This type of detachable blade has three selectable cutting positions offering varying cutting depths –
Position 1 – 0.5mm
Position 2 – 1.5mm
Position 3 – 2.5mm

Comb attachments as supplied with the clipper offer addition cutting lengths.

Please remember to add the cutting length as set on the trimmer to the comb selected.

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