Exacta GT415

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Lithium lonic battery for Exacta GT415

Part number: GT410105

Insert only correct battery into Charger base to avoid damage
DO NOT – Crush, heat, or incinerate.
DO NOT – Short circuit, dismantle, or immerse in any form of liquid
CHARGE only in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions – see manual

It is normal for Lithium-ion batteries to heat up slightly when charging.

The Aesculap “Exacta” GT415 Trimmer. is supplied with a lithium-ion batteries (sometimes also known as Li-ion batteries or LIB) These batteries are members of a family of rechargeable battery types in which lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode during discharge and back when charging. Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as the electrode material, compared to the metallic lithium used in non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are used widely in many consumer electrical products however incorrect handling can cause destruction, explosion, or ignition of the battery unit.If attempting to check the battery DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES attempt to open, repair or otherwise manipulate the battery. When removing the battery it MUST NOT be allowed to “short out” against any metal objects – PLEASE REFER TO THE MANUAL BEFOREHAND !

If there is a period when you do not intend to use your clippers in the interest of preserving the battery over a period of inactivity it is strongly suggested you consult with the clipper manual provided and strictly adhere to the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Storage recommendations
Store lithium-ion batteries preferably in a fully charged condition and recharge stored batteries once every month

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