Air deflector

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Air deflector

The Hauptner HE-09 is a “discontinued” model and whilst most parts are still readily available, the Air flow deflector is now only available in single digit numbers and will not be replaced once existing stocks run out.
There are only a limited number now in stock.

Many people who use their black Hauptner HE-09’s love them but have one valid criticism,
When clipping they can and often do cover you in hair!
Past Hauptner’s UK Distributors never saw fit to let on to their customers that Hauptner made a simple little “attachment” which could be easily obtained that solve this problem instantly.
Called the “Air flow deflector” it clips over the collar of your machine and deflecting the hair from you, your face, eyes and body!
Simple device – and takes seconds to clip on!

Part number: 89100.220

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