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Manufacturer: AESCULAP of GERMANY
Type: Professional Cordless
Voltage rating: DC voltage 7.4v – 240v- 50/60A/C
Charger output: Max. 8.4V
Charger /output current: 1.2 amp
Battery type:
Clip time: 60 minutes per battery
Charge time: 50 minutes
Weight: (with battery and narrow blade fitted): 0.45
Length: (with battery and narrow blade fitted) 8-inches/20.5cm
Cutting speeds: ONE 2300 spm
Noise Level: Peasridge score 2
Casing colour: Red
Blade type: Detachable Aesculap blade
Blade tensioning required: Only for adjustment when “dull”
Guarantee period: TWO year
Electrical ratings CE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Carry case/clipper unit/charger unit/adapter plug and lead/two battery packs/ No blade/90ml oil/instruction manual
PLEASE NOTE This clipper is NOT supplied with a blade

(Blade shown in the image is for photography purposes only.)

Peasridge Star rating: FIVE
Peasridge Score rating: 956%

PROS: Impressive traditional German quality derived from outstanding design and engineering skills. Intended to last and give years of reliability. Impeccable trial results in very day situations with normal working procedures.

CONS: Restricted to use of Favourita blades only. Positioning of on/off switch for emergency use

GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION Essentially a cordless version of the Favorita II with two batteries, more compact and a shaped handpiece which adds to comfort when clipping. Engineering is typically German! For those fans and users of the mains powered Favourita II – now you have the opportunity to go “cordless!” :

Peasridge can speak with some authority on the Aesculap Favorita II CL, having been involved in the early test mode stages and later with pre-production models. Our testing sources were not always professionals in clipper use or maintenance, but a mixture of professional groomers and busy veterinary practices and pet owners all of which first and foremost seek reliability as well as performance in their working tools!

The “CL” is compact, lightweight and perfectly balanced! In the past cordless clipper where noted for their rather “in-balanced” feel due to heavy battery packs which fitted into the rear. These machines became very weary on the hand and arm to operate for any length of time! The modern battery packs (of which the machine is supplied with two) are incredibly light and compact (10 grams each.) They slot with ease into the rear body housing and the clipper may be charged with the battery fitted or divorced from the body. Using Li-ion batteries the DC voltage rating is 7.4v with a charge capacity of approx.: 1.2Ah. The charge time is stated as 50 minutes + 5. Clip time 60 minutes.

The Charger unit is attractively designed, lightweight (0.45kgs) yet of decent size, robust and with two charging ports, one will hold the battery whilst still engaged in the machine – the other is for a detached battery pack. The charger is fitted with small “pads” for anti-slip on any smooth surface. The cord and moulded plug slots into the rear of the charger. Lead and plug – UK 3-pin fitted with 3amp fuse – is roughly 2m/79-inches in length

The body casing is in traditional Favourita “red” and is shaped to give a nice hand grip. The noise level is low – it has that tone that is unmistakably an Aesculap machine! The motor tone is mechanically smooth running with an absence of any vibration, and as a result has become popular with those involved in clipping animals with a nervous temperament. Aesculap engineers have pioneered low cutting strokes without any loss of power thus ensuring that as a cordless clipper it is one of the most powerful available!

Blades are traditionally cool running with correct oiling, and in keeping with most machines the drive lever mechanism need checking and possibly replacing annually dependant on frequency of use in order to maintain peak performance! The Aesculap Favorita blades have a built in tensioning device designed to enable you to tighten in cases when the blade starts to “dull” (go blunt) so as to complete the job! This is the only time you need to adjust it!

The clipper is sold with an attractive newly designed hard plastic carry case of solid construction and designed to last and protect your clipper in transit or storage.

Current case dimensions (when closed) are:
Width: 14-inches/35.5cm Height: 12-inches/30.5cm Depth: 4 and 3/8th- inches/11cm

Only AESCULAP “Favorita “blades can be fitted to this clipper.

GH 700 – 1/20mm
GH 703 – 1/10mm
GT 710 – 1.8mm
GH 712 – 1mm
GH 715 – 2mm
GT 730 – ½ mm
GT 736 – 1mm
GT 746 – 1.5mm – Specialist ANGORA blade GT 742 –
GT 748 – 3mm
GT 754 – 3mm
GT 758 – 5mm
GT 770 – 7mm
GT 772 – narrow blade
GT 779 – 9mm
GT 782 – 12mm
GT 784 – 16mm

GT 749- 1.8mm wide

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer’s the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: April 2015

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