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Size: #5
Cuts to: 1/4″ – 6.3mm
Cutting face width: 43mm
Skip tooth blade

All Oster “detachable blades” are made in the USA using high carbon steel to give an extended cutting life. Of the 17 teeth of the comb blade plate 8 protrude out in line with the blade edge and the remaining 9 are angled down to aid penetration.

The #5 skip tooth blade gives a nice finish on the Wire, Welsh and Lakeland Terriers, and is also used on occasions where a short finish is required on the backs of the West Highland White Terrier. Can also be used for a raking effect to blend the coat. However be warned this requires a steady hand and plenty of practice!.

This blade is used for bodywork on the Schnauzer breeds. Used on body sides for Giant and Standard – on the flanks for the Miniature.

Comb attachments are not usually fitted to this type of blade nor are they consider suitable.

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