ANDIS#3.75 – 13mm Skip tooth

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Popular blade with a similar ability to the 3 ¾ FC but designed as a skip tooth blade. Now used in situations, when there is a call for a longer coat finish, and in many instances the blade does away with the need for a comb attachment in order to achieve a greater depth of “finished” coat.

A number of breeds benefit from use with this blade, these including the Bearded Collie, Shih Tzu, Silky and Yorkshire Terrier here the blade is used for the body aspect of the puppy trim.

Used for the body of the Poodle, the Portuguese Water Dog, the Bedington, West Highland, and Cairn Terriers, the body and side areas of the Bouvier Des Flandres. Used also on the body and tail of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

Suitable for a shorter body trim on the Pekingese and a shorter pet trim on the Old English Sheepdog. For a puppy trim finish it can be used on both the Lhasa Apso and Maltese, and for the body, back, sides and tail of the Kerry Blue Terrier.

This blade will fit all types of clippers, which accept detachable A5 type blades including
Aesculap model: FAV5
Andis models: AG/AGC/AGR/MBG
Heiniger model: Saphir
Laube models: 503/513/505/553/555/573/Lightening/Micro models
Moser models: KM1/Max 45/Avalon/Artiko
Oster models: Oster A5/Oster Power Pro
Thrive models: 900N/50 range
Wahl model: Switchblade

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