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Blade ref: 1245 – 7340
Blade type: #9F Full blade – 2.5mm depth of cut.
Cutting width: 43mm
Tooth pitch: 2.35mm
Teeth – cutter: 18
Teeth – comb: 17
Comb blade: Smooth

With the 9F blade the comb blade teeth are set fractionally wider, the gap between each tooth increased and the teeth are dimensionally broader compared to sizes #40, #30 and #10.

Moser blades are internationally considered by many professional groomers as superior to other similar detachable blades.

This blade fits the Moser Max 45 model type: 1245 and Moser KM1 model type: 1225, and can be used with the Moser Horseline “Avalon” and “Artiko clippers.

These blades are also suitable for use with Andis/Oster/Laube & Thrive clippers models, which use detachable A5 type blades.

A medium type blade suitable for poodle faces and terrier/schnauzer cheeks. Use for belly work on a wide range of breeds,

Useful blade for Sporting Breed’s necks and sometimes bodies – produces a very smooth finish. Popular blade on Cockers, Springer’s and Schnauzer bodies.

Often used with an attachment comb. A wide range of attachment combs can be fitted over these blades to provide increased cutting length. Comb attachments should only be used on well-groomed coats and not those, which are tangled or matted.

This blade will fit all types of clippers, which accept detachable A5 type blades including
Aesculap model: FAV5
Andis models: AG/AGC/AGR/MBG
Heiniger model: Saphir
Laube models: 503/513/505/553/555/573/Lightening/Micro models
Moser models: KM1/Max 45/Avalon/Artiko
Oster models: Oster A5/Oster Power Pro
Thrive models: 900N/50 range
Wahl model: Switchblade

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