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Andis ref: ShowEdge #40110~
Upper plate: 22 teeth
Lower plate: 41 teeth
Cutting face width: 7cm/2 7/8in
Cuts to: 0.5mm / 1/64 inches
Size:: Surgical
Chrome finish rust resistant which features a carbon steel edge

According to the manufacturer this blade produces a smooth, track-free finish and is engineered to require fewer passes through the hair.
It can be used with all makes of “detachable” A5 type blade using clippers.
The cutting face is marginally wider than most other makes of wide blades by approximately 0.4cm (about 3 teeth in this instance)

Described as a “general” blade, with a cutting depth of 3.2 mm, for dog breeds this would equate to approximately a # 7F in general clipping terms.
For cattle and horses this blade could prove useful for a full body clip either on show cattle or certain horse breeds.

The lower blade teeth are marginally narrower than the teeth of one of the most trusted wide blades for horses (Moser Standard 2.3 mm wide blade)
and suggests a certain suitability for horse coat texture other than certain dense coated breeds It should prove a suitable blade for many horse breeds such as cob and native breeds
where leg “feathers” are clipped, with an appealing cutting length.

However for many it would be a “suck it and see” syndrome.

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