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Blade ref: KM 1854-7505
Cutting length: 0.1-3mm
Cutting width: 40mm
Tooth pitch: 1.6mm
Comb blade: 26 teeth.
Cutter blade: 30 teeth

These blades fit the Moser D9, Moser “Arco” Moser “Adelar” and Wahl “Bravura” trimmers.

German made. A new concept in blade design and construction offering a unique precision cutting head, which affords the operator, a high quality finish.

I have used this blade as well as the coarse blade on both horses and show cattle, as well as conducted a number of trials on horses – particularly their legs and been truly amazed at the clipping ability and superb finish. Whereas many traditional large heavy duty clippers positively “grunt” and blade chatter at coarser leg hair, both the standard and coarse blades seem more than happy to clip away perfectly!

Chromium plated comb made from high-grade stainless steel with a quick release system. The 5-point blade cutting depth offers a good selection for those interested in serious show and quality cutting.

Both blades are popular with a number of horse owners who have had the wisdom to purchase the Arco trimmer rather than one of the cheaper machines.

Slightly less coarse the standard blade is brilliant as a blade for the denser hair such as on horse’s lower legs. The compact size of the clipper head makes it delightful to clip around the hoof area especially when starting the first upward strokes above the hoof and the narrow size of the blade (40mm) allow one to cover all the leg contours and undulation perfectly.

Works well on the manes if many horse breeds, including polo ponies.

Popular blade for facial, leg and other intricate trimming of show cattle. Can be used successfully for general work on a number of dog breeds offering flexible trimming due to the adjustable nature of the blade, which allows for increasing the clipping scope of the blade from a veterinary close 0.1mm to a longer 3mm depth, via 5 separate cutting positions.

Those seeking a wider range of clipping depths should bear in mind that this machine, which accommodate two “slide” on attachment combs increasing the cutting depth to 6mm and 9mm. (These are supplies when purchased as new.)

All “CERABLADES” have now been discontinued and customers are advised to use the “steel” versions

Moser “Adelar” trimmers where at one time supplied with the “CeraBlade” type blade

The sales “philosophy” was that the “CeraBlade” with its ceramic coating would enter the coat texture with greater ease than a steel blade and that the cutting edge would remain sharper and therefore clips longer.

However practical experience highlighted a problem with re-sharpening!

Unfortunately the coating of ceramic powder sprayed onto these blades at the time of manufacturer was found to interfere with the lapping process when re-sharpening and this created a situation where certain individual blades could not be correctly sharpened to MOSER factory standards.

Owners of the clippers or trimmers using the CERABLADE should not necessarily discard these blades as normally after several re-sharpening processes they lose the ceramic powdering on the sharpened blade faces and as such therefore revert to the original pure steel 2.3 wide detachable Moser blade, and would then be expected to thereafter re-sharpen to a professional cutting standard.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we are happy to sharpen these blades for customers it should be understood that initially for the first few occasions of re-sharpening variation in both cutting performance and the clipping duration of individual blades should be expected to vary between clips. We regret we cannot guarantee quality performance in every instance when re-sharpening “CeraBlades” until they have been done a number of times.

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