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Battery unit for the Oster Power Pro Cordless Mk II.

Introduced by Oster 2008
Replaces the previous model (pre 2008), which has been discontinued.
Can be used with both the Mark I clipper and recharged in the Mk I charger units.
This battery is only suitable for 220/240v clippers
The Power Pro Ultra replacement battery has been completely re-designed with a longer lasting facility and is compatible with existing Oster Power Pro clippers.
The battery has a “no memory” feature and will give a continuous clip time of 60 minutes on a full charge once it has been re-charged a few times.

The manufacturer’s UK distributor has informed us that in cases where the Oster Mk I charger is being used to re-charge a Mk II battery it is important to ensure the battery is “fully” inserted in the re-charging aperture so the battery contacts engage with the charger unit. This is necessary due to the square shape of the Oster Mark I battery charger’s “re-charge” aperture and the Mark II battery’s round shape. We are also advised that in instances where this has not been done correctly (i.e. the battery not “fully pressed” down into the charger unit.) this has resulted in the battery appearing not to charge correctly and the appropriate charging lights not activating correctly.

Store batteries fully charged.
Try to avoid storage temperatures above 25°C (higher temperatures = higher self-discharge of batteries)
Recharge at monthly intervals

It is considered advisable to discharge batteries fully before putting in to storage for any period of time.

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