Nova 240v flexible drive shaft

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NOVA 240v motor unit/flexi drive shaft with pin fittings/hand piece/instruction manual

A double insulated machine designed for the farmer/shearer.
It operates through a 1.8 meter flexible drive (not available with a solid drive). The Nova machine has the standard Lister rope-pull on/off switch.
All versions of the Nova have a very low starting current making them ideal for use with portable generators or car batteries in the case of the 12V version.

A mains version is also available with an electric current sensor to protect the user in the event of a lock-up on the handpiece. This works by automatically stopping the machine if the handpiece hits an obstruction in the wool.

Available in either mains or 12V versions
Single speed
Double-insulated for safety
Low starting current
Lightweight robust casing
Available with or without sensor (240V version only)
Designed and manufactured in the UK

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