MOSER ‘Arco’

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Manufacturer: MOSER of GERMANY
Type: Cordless trimmer
Voltage rating: 110- 240v A/C
Voltage Wattage rating: 9 watts
Vibration rating: <2.5 m=”” s2=”” br=””>Clip time: Average animal 80 minutes
Recharge time: Average 90 minutes
Transformer voltage: Max 12watt
Battery type: Ni-MH
Weight: (with blade and batteries fitted) 0.3 kgs
Length: (with blade and battery fitted) 6.8-inches/17.4cm
Cutting speeds: ONE with blade adjustment
Cutting strokes: No information given
Noise Level: Peasridge score 2+ Official rating Max 66dB (A) @ 25m
Casing colour: Black
Blade type: Screw fixed
Guarantee period: Max 3 year
Electrical ratings: CE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Cased/clipper handpiece/Two battery power packs/charging adapter with lead and plug/Moser standard blade set/4 attachment combs 3/6/9/12mm/oil/brush/operating instructions/Guarantee certificate/Certificate of EU conformity

Peasridge Star rating: FIVE
Peasridge Score rating: 98%

PROS: Outstanding cordless trimmer proven in all fields of operation. Low noise level and minimal vibration. .Unique adjustable blade
CONS: Very hard to find fault with even after a decade or more.

This product has been awarded the

Made by Moser of Germany, this is a remarkable innovative and brilliantly designed cordless trimmer that will amaze the user. It more than fulfils the concept of German quality both in design and engineering! Although now over a decade or more in production, it still remains one of the best of its type. The “Arco” offers continuous clipping from two interchangeable batteries each providing a clip time on average of 80 minutes. Re-charge time is achieved comfortably within 90 minutes.

Ni-MH interchangeable batteries provide a clip time on average of 80 minutes when clipping animals (100 minutes on human hair.). Purchasers should familiarise themselves with the recommended battery storage procedures as set out in the manufacturer’s instructions The battery packs when purchased may contain a small amount of charge, they should be charged the first time the appliance is used for a full 90 minutes. Below the on/off switch on the trimmer is a small red LED and if this indicates RED when in operation it is indicating about 15% of power/charge is left in the battery. Once the battery is fully charge the LED charging indicator on the charger unit will start flashing.

Contrary to what you may be often told Moser “Arco” blades are capable of being re-sharpened several times.

The unique and innovative blade design offers five cutting positions to select from. (0.1mm to 3mm) Further cutting depths can be obtained by using the attachment combs supplied. This feature enables the “Arco” to perform in many clipping circles.

With a remarkably low noise factor, minimal vibration, and no cables this is a superb and normally very successful trimmer on any nervous horse. It meets all the requirements of owner’s needs whether seeking a good quality “companion” trimmer to compliment a traditional full body machine, or a machine suitable to get young or really nervous horse used to clipping. Whilst many horses happily tolerate body clipping there are those who are un-happy to have their heads/faces clipped with a traditional sized machine. The “Arco” is ideal for both facial work and with the blade suitability adjusted it is exceptional for clipping coarse leg feathers as many horse owners have found!

The angled clipping head is fitted with a “snap on” type blade offering the choice of five cutting positions. This innovative feature allows you to select a depth of cut or hair length ranging from 0.1mm to 3mm in five separate positions (Cheaper competitors invariably offer only three positions.) As many have discovered five selectable blade cutting positions offers a greater flexibility especially for the various tasks that the “Adelar” can be used for. Greater cutting depths could be obtained by using attachment combs which can be purchased as optional extras..

The “Arco” with its many attractive features relating to both the machine and blade offers a number of applications for exhibition cattle whether beef or dairy. It is especially suitable for facial grooming, last minute show clipping, dairy udder and dairy “top line” work.

As a cordless machine it offers considerable potential to the domestic cat or dog owner wanting to clip their pet for breed style clipping or general husbandry clipping. The features as listed are very much applicable for long haired cat breeds especially where you are involved in cutting out Matts when the adjustability of the blade will be a valuable advantage.

For owners of pet rabbits a cordless machine offers considerable advantages whether you are involved with body clipping or general husbandry clipping. The five point adjustment of the blade offers flexibility to perform a range of tasks

A popular choice with many veterinary practises whether specialising in large or small animals – or both! Principle requirements for most practises are clipper reliability, good battery clip time and fast recharge, as well as blade flexibility suitable for day to day surgery use – the “Arco” meets all requirements.

The adjustable blade set in the 0.03mm position offer a surgical close clip for surgical and injection purposes.

Moser # 01-3mm adjustable 5 position blade. standard
Moser # 01-3mm adjustable 5 position blade. coarse

This clipper only takes blades from the MOSER “Arco” detachable blade range.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer’s the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: April 2015

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