Models 1170/1230/1400/1852/ 1855/1870/1871/1872/1873/1881

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6 comb set

A set of six plastic “slip on” combs

Only suitable for the following models –
Moser Type: 1170
Moser Rex – 1230
Moser Type: 1400
Moser Arco – 1854
Moser Styling II – 1852
Moser types: 1855/1870/1871/1872/1873/1881

They are designed to slide on the side of the blade rather than the previous method which involved clipping on the blade.

No: 1 comb – 3mm
No: 2 comb – 6mm
No: 3 comb – 9mm
No: 4 comb – 12mm
No: 6 comb – 18mm
No: 8 comb – 25mm

Please remember!
When using attachment combs on your clipper/trimmer blades it is most important to ensure you have first “thoroughly” groomed the animal before making any attempt to clip. Comb attachment will not work correctly if there are any knots, tangles, matts, or areas of un-groomed hair.

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