Lower blade guide

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Lower blade guide.

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The lower blade guides can easily be “DIY” replaced rather than occur the expense of shipping and insurance to a repair centre.

The aperture must be both clean and free of any foreign material, dirt or grease. (A cotton wool bud is good for cleaning if dipped in alcohol.)
Super Glue or a similar glue is best for secure fixing of these guides Do not use to much glue otherwise the blade guide will not go all the way into the aperture. Before the glue sets make sure you have “tapped” the blade guide all the way in! This is best done if you turn the clipper upside down in the palm of your hand (rather than placing it on a hard bench or similar object) Tap gently until the blade guide is full home, and avoid hitting the alloy head!

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See parts diagram – head – item 18

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***This product is now discontinued***

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