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Manufacturer: LISTER of the UK
Type: Mains light duty
Voltage rating: 230v/AC 50 cycles
Wattage: 90
Noise level rating: Peasridge 4 3+ Official rating: ca 72dB (A)
Weight (with blade fitted): 0.7 kgs
Length (with blade fitted) 9.5-inches/24.2cm
Cutting speeds ONE 2800 scm
Casing colour: Black head, pale green body
Blade type: Traditional livestock (Allen key fixed)
Blade tensioning required: Yes
Cable length: Average 5m
Guarantee period: One year. Extended 3 year guarentee option
Electrical ratings CE /VDE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Hard plastic carry case/clipper with lead and 3-pin UK plug/Lister standard A2/AC blade set/spare air filter/brush/instruction manual

Peasridge Star rating: 4
Peasridge Score rating: 85
Comment: AVERAGE

Appealing size and weight. Improved version on the “Neon”

Whilst we were critical of the Lister “Neon” for its cheap construction and weak head design, Lister should be congratulate on their swift response to rectify these criticisms with the introduction of the Lister “Star” model. Design improvements, includie the way the clipper head is attached to the main body. Whilst we are advised Lister’s rarely see any problem or returns for this improved model, our experiences on certain replacemant parts suggest otherwise!

The body casing has been improved – now made from a robust grade of plastic resulting in a casing with a far nicer feel, and moulded finger grips for increased hold. The Star has an extra screw (just forwards of the air-filter) which greatly improves the rigidity of the handpiece. The clipperr now has more of a “quality” look and feel that Lister products are normally associated with! Fitted with a permanent-magnet type motor – on a physical test it gave an impressive performance for its size and wattage rating. However we would feel that is not a reason to abuse it’s abilities as a “light duty” machine, and therefore an appreciation of lower wattage will increase the number of years of use.

With many horse owners, now resorting to undertaking their own clipping, the size, shape and weight of this machine will be a strong attraction to a majority of female horse owners and especially teenage girls maybe under taking clipping for the first time. With so many rather heavy and often cumbersome machines on offer it is good to find a small and light machine which is not “re-packaged” from the dog clipping world, but is in the true sense a livestock or horse “light duty clipper.”

Apart from the obvious horse owners the “Star” may hold attractions for a number of the small cattle exhibitors seeking a lightweight machine for preparing show cattle clipping.

The noise level when operated with blades running is one area we do find ourselves still critical of. With so many horses of a nervous disposition low noise levels are a valuable feature, if not almost an essential asset to any clipping machine. An element of blade vibration can be experienced. Having witnessed the reactions of nervous horses to the more “noisy” machines, one can only sympathise with persons engaged in clipping a horse that fears being clipped.

The air filter situated at the rear of the clipper, needs as the manual stresses to be regularly checked for hair blockage and cleaned thoroughly on both sides. On test we found our production model soon attracted a generous coating of hair, and whilst this is common with many machines – it is a point to be aware of – this is the “breathing” in flow of fresh air – important to the cool running of the machine. The spare air filter supplied with a new machine is a sensible precaution against possible loss. Do not operate the machine without an air filter! Easy and low routine maintenance are features of the “Star” including replaceable blade comb pegs. Gearwheels do require clearing and re- greasing after every 200 hours of operational use. Keeping air filters clean is also a necessity to maintaining peak performance.

The supplied manual contains a considerable amount of valuable information which if read and digested will prove invaluable in enabling the end user to correctly apply the machine as well as keep it a peak performance. Well worth reading BEFORE you embark on clipping!

A2/AC – 2-4mm. Medium
A2F/AC – 1.5mm. Fine
CA2/AC – 2.5mm. Coarse
A2S/AC – 0.1mm. Surgical
Cover Cote – 5mm. Blocking blade
Wizard Cattle 4mm.
For clipping cattle use sheep head unit
Wizard Sheep 4mm.
For clipping sheep use cattle head unit
CC23/AC9 2.5/3mm. For clipping goats

NB. All LISTER blades are self-cleaning and the combs and ribbed to aid self cooling whilst operational.
Whilst all of the Lister blades can be used on the “Star” obviously one needs to look at the application first. The Wizard blade is fine on the “Star” for show shearing etc and tiding up a few sheep. Lister however do not recommend it for shearing more than a few sheep.

This clipper also takes blades from the PREMIER blade range.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer’s the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: October 2017

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