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Manufacturer: LISTER of the UK
Type: Mains light duty
Voltage rating: 220/240v
Wattage: 80
Noise level rating: Peasridge 4 3+ Official rating: ca 72dB (A)
Weight (with blade fitted): 1 kgs
Length (with blade fitted) 10.5-inches/26.5cm
Cutting speeds ONE 2800 scm
Casing colour: Black head/blue body casing
Blade type: Traditional livestock (Allen key fixed)
Blade tensioning required: Yes
Cable length: Average 4.9m
Guarantee period: One year. Extended 3 year guarentee option
Electrical ratings CE /VDE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Hard plastic carry case/clipper with lead and 3-pin UK plug/Lister standard A2/AC blade set/60ml oil/grease sachet/screwdriver/brush/instruction manual

Peasridge Star rating: FOUR
Peasridge Score rating: 90%

Appealing size and weight with attractive features in design.

A new clipper from Lister is bound to cause stir of interest as nostalgic memories of the golden oldies of past years flood back in to the mind. How many young girls started their clipping experience with a Lister Stablemate? A good few to be sure!

The Lister “Legend” certainly come from a famous manufacturing line and perhaps heralds the start of new things to come – long overdue – for Lister have trod much water in recent years whilst other manufacturers have forged ahead. In the hand the machine feels well balanced as well as refreshingly light tipping the electronic scales at bang on 1 kilo The body casing – apart from a pleasant blue colour – is a nice smooth plastic with ribbed areas where you would expect your finger to grasp it. This improved ribbing in the hand grip area gives a nice feel and a good “purchase” whilst clipping. The hand grip girth – always an important point – after all this is where you grasp the machine for an hour or so – is a good diameter just about 3mm short of the much favoured “Hauptner 2000” made in Germany.

Fitted with blades, oiled correctly, and started up the motor sounds more positive than the 45w Lister Star. Noise has always been a bit of an issue when it came to a Lister clipper. Few if any matched the noise level and motor tones of the clippers from Aesculap Germany which have set the trend in the noise stakes for this century. The Legend is a great improvement – although we would consider there is still room for further improvement both in noise and vibration levels! (Vibration is certainly not as bad as some makes on available!)

The on/off switch scores well with our test for emergence cut off should the occasion be called for. Ones thumb or finger connects with ease – although you may still require both hands if you need to be ultra quick!

The well tried and tested Zytal head is incorporated into the machine with the traditional type blade lugs and centre securing pin for extra holding. Lister designers have reverted back to attaching the head with two positive screws into the body casing as in traditional fixing on most Lister clippers, which we feel is the preferred situation. The crank head and roller are nicely engineered and the tensioning nut bolt and spring have a good positive feel. Blade tensioning is pretty straight forward. One of the really good points about all Lister clippers- is generally how easy they are to tension! The tension nut bolt and screw are all positive in their action and the nut is nicely designed to make tensioning really effortless, so you should experience few problems with tensioning blades unless you are very inexperienced! (Experienced or not, it is always a good idea to exercise a bit of practise before you get down to the serious business!)

A neat “reset button is at the rear on the side of the machine (Likely to be missed! – Well so frequently they are!) and an adequate sized air filter is positioned at the very rear under the cable assembly. Whilst when new the air filter has a fairly positive clip over form of fitting, we could imagine with use it might loosen and get rather easily lost. Bearing in mind the importance of the air filter in its role protecting the motor from those ever present hair particles – perhaps not one of the best concepts of design. Fixed with a secure screw would have better or one which is designed to slide alone a grove as perfected by the German Aesculap would have offered more security!

The cable sheath designed to protect from undue wear during use is well designed and suggesting considerable strength and ability. Cables are always at their weakest point here – whether a clipper or a power tool, so added protection and strengthening is always a big plus!

The actual cable is of a good thick diameter and of a rubber compound rather that the more plastic type cable which are harder to wrap when storing or for use in colder weather conditions. The cable has an adequate length of 4.9m and a moulded UK 3 pin plug suitably fused with a 3 amp fuse fitted. all of which is certified to meet UK electrical standards.

As the manual points out a discipline is required from the start of use to ensure oiling of the blades and the clipper head. Lubrication of the blades cannot be over stressed with all makes of clippers and is a principle reason for poor performance, along with incorrect tensioning. Also due attention need to be given to oiling the crank head mechanism all of which is clearly and pictorially shown in the manual. It is most important you read this before use of the clipper and fully understand the information given.

Maintenance and storage is fairly straight forward with the usual things needing attention – these include regular oiling in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions – see your manual. Attention to frequent cleaning of the air filter, and after 100 hours of use it is necessary to remove the head for re-greasing. At the same time the gear wheel should be checked for signs of any wear. (Never run the machine without blades fitted as this can cause damage to the gear wheel teeth!)

The Legend is fitted with a built in overload switch which is designed to “trip” out if there is a problem with either the clipper or the electrical installation. This can of course also be pre-empted by clogged blades, lack of oiling, or excessive blade tensioning. Always ensure any trailing cable from a power supply is of adequate cable quality, if not power quality maybe restricted. If the re-set button “trips” having checked for any likely problem allow a few minutes to pass before you reset the clipper. If the problem persists you need to seek the services of an electrical engineer.

Principle uses of the Legend are for the clipping of horses and ponies as well as preparing cattle for shows or sales. A good purchase for those with one or two horses or small show herds of cattle. For horse yards containing large number and big cattle herds you need the heavy duty type machine. Whilst the Legend may well do the work perfectly – you might reduce its life if overworked.
A2/AC – 2-4mm. Medium
A2F/AC – 1.5mm. Fine
CA2/AC – 2.5mm. Coarse
A2S/AC – 0.1mm. Surgical
Cover Cote – 5mm. Blocking blade

NB. All LISTER blades are self-cleaning and the combs and ribbed to aid self cooling whilst operational.

This clipper also takes blades from the PREMIER blade range.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer’s the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: October 2017

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