Liberty Battery Pack

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This part can be used on the following Lister models

*Comes with Charger and Belt*

Battery type: NiMH.

Weight: 0.8kgs
Overload current: 4.5A
Capacity: 4300mAh
Battery cells: 10 x 1.2v nickel metal Hydride cells
Casing material PC+ABS

The slim pocket sized battery should be securely fixed to the belt of the operator or carried in the pocket. The power pack battery is fitted with a re-settable fuse (reset button) to protect both the battery and clipper from overloading. A new power pack battery must be full charged before use. It should be noted that it will not reach its full capacity until it has been fully charged and discharged 3 times. The full charge period takes between 11 and 13 hours, the normal clip time from a fully charged battery is two and a half hours.

The Power pack battery unit is fitted with a resettable fuse to protect the battery and clipper from overloading. This will “trip” if there is a problem. The cause may be a result of a number of reasons, which may include -hair clogged or blunt blades, lack of lubrication, excessive blade tension, or if the battery needs recharging.

BEFORE resuming clipping the problem MUST BE RESOLVED.

Please consult your manual. Disconnect the power pack, clean and oil your blades then press the RESET button to continue clipping.
NEVER attempt to hold the RESET BUTTON down to prevent it from tripping!

Manufacturers storage recommendations
The Power pack battery may be store either fully charged or discharged. It will gradually lose its charge over long periods. If it loses all the charge it will not regain full capacity until fully charged and discharged 2 or 3 times. Therefore in such instances expect the clipping time to be reduced for the first three times of use after discharge.

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Weight 1.5 kg
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