Hydor 26″ Livestock Fan


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• The powerful 650mm three speed fans deliver up to a 3.83 m3/s of air and the superior performance epoxy powder coated black blades are protected by a stylish black guard.

• For ease of application, Hydor provide either Pedestal fans for floor mounting or Wall mounted fans, which can be mounted to a structurally sound wall, rafters or posts to circulate the air within the building.
• Fans are designed for smooth oscillation by swinging the fan head from side to side, circulating the fan through a 90° arc with quiet operation to provide effective cooling for the area required.
• The angle of pitch for each type of unit can be adjusted to your requirements, simply hold the fan stationary, loosen the head holding screw, adjust the angle of pitch and re-tighten the screw.

• Pedestal and Wall mounted fans all have three speeds, 1 – 3, with 0 being the ‘Off’ position. Depending upon the size of the location and the building design, air circulation may be another important facet of your environmental control requirements. The Hydor HPF and HPW Pedestal and Wall mounted air circulation fans are designed for use in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. Whether it is for industrial warehousing, gymnasiums, factories, marquees or workshop applications, or comfort cooling within agricultural buildings for livestock, Hydor Pedestal and Wall mounted fans provide powerful, cool, yet effective, positive air movement, thereby improving the environmental conditions for both humans and animals.
• The Pedestal fan model is supported by a heavy duty cast iron base which provides added sturdiness and durability for the unit. The fan blades are constructed from high quality aluminium, fully balanced, with epoxy powder coated black for aesthetic appearance. The high performance motor has built-in thermal cut-out protection.
• All models are supplied with a 2.0 metre power lead.
• Air performance and sound levels have been measured in purpose designed test facilities.
• Units are supplied in kit form for ease of assembly.

12 month warranty.

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