Hinge and latch

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Hinge and latch assembly

Hinge and latch are sold as a complete assembly
Does not include the hinge fixing screws ( Item 20 on diagram)
The same product can be use on both versions of the Harmony clipper

Unlike hinge assemblies of both European and USA makes, the “hair springs” are shorter. Therefore extra car is required when fitting to ensure correct placement. This is often easier to fit when the latch assemble tongue is shut.
It is important when fitting the hinge assembly that you ensure the two hair spring sprigs are correctly slotted into the two holes provided in the blade release lever (see red arrows) before you refit and tighten the screws to the clipper head. If this is not done correctly the blade may not fit or release correctly.

Always check that the hinge “tongue” is “open” when attempting to fit the blades. When supplied as new you may find the hinge “tongue” has snapped back against the hinge plate – shut! This is done for shipping purposes and it will need to be prised open by inserting a small screwdriver blade tip between the tongue and the hinge, otherwise the blade will not fit. Blades should always be fitted with the machine motor running!

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See respective parts diagrams – item 18/19

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