HEINIGER ‘Xplorer’

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Type: Professional Cordless
Battery rating: 10.8v DC
Battery type: Lithium (Li-ion)
Operating voltage: 100 – 240v/50-60Hz
Charger /output current: 1.2 amp
Clip time: 120 minutes per battery
Charge time: 120 minutes
Weight: (with battery and blades fitted): 1.05 kgs
Length: (with battery and blades fitted) 12-inches/31cm
Cutting speeds: ONE 2450 dspm
Noise Level: Peasridge score 2+ (Official rating: 85 dB)
Casing colour: Blue/black
Blade type: Heiniger livestock blade
Blade tensioning required: Yes
Guarantee period: THREE year
Electrical ratings CE rated

The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Heiniger plastic case/ clipper/Heiniger blade sets/one battery power pack/charger unit with adapter, lead and UK 3pin plug/oil/cleaning brush/ double tip screwdriver/manual

Peasridge Star rating: FIVE
Peasridge Score rating: 95%

Heavy duty cordless with excellent clip time on a single charge.

The “lithium type battery has introduced many changes in consumer appliances and one has seen the emergence of this in the recent new cordless machines produced by both Heiniger (Swiss) and Aesculap (German). The Heiniger X -series “Xplorer” is a “state of the art” up-grade on the previous model – the Heiniger Cordless.

The Heiniger “Xplorer” is slim lined with a greatly improved handling ability. At first the tendency is to suggest it is slightly heavy – however when one views the overall weight including blades and battery at just a fraction over 1 kg it represents a cordless machine that is a lot lighter than many heavy duty clipper currently on the market. The “Xplorer” is a Swiss designed and engineered machine that is built on the latest technical advancements of the day. This embraces the Li-Ion battery technology, which allows not only up to two-hour of cordless clipping on a single charge, but excludes as well the risk of a memory effect. The practical LED display on the charger indicates the current charge level of the battery. Another feature is the unique double tooth gear which allows the power to be transmitted optimally from the motor to the clipping head.

The basic head and body shape breaks with the design and shape of the earlier cordless model. The new “Xplorer” body is made in re-enforced fibreglass resulting in a hand grip which is much smoother, and allows your hand to fit more snugly into the shaped “neck” – allowing for a more natural holding position resulting in a comfortable mode of handling when actively involved in clipping! (Something that will be appreciated by both equine and cattle owners alike!) The upper casing is a nicely contrasting blue with a light black pattern which complements the white name and traditional red “Heiniger” label. The lower casing is in black.

The internal head working parts such as the yoke assemble mechanism, drive block and other design features follow on the experience and development resulting from many years of practical field work and are of course well “tried and tested!” The blade “tension” nut has been redesigned and provides an improved grip for adjustment. Like any clipping machine the cutter and comb blades, once fitted to the machine head, requires a degree of adjusting (Often referred to as “tensioning”) before you start clipping. Whilst a relatively simple task it does require you to follow the few basic rules. These are adequately described see page 37 of the manual.

The motor is powered by a Lithium battery unit (Weight: 0.20 kgs) and is reported to give up to 120 minutes clip time on a single charge. The re-charge time is stated at two hours. The battery is connected to the rear of the handpiece, secured with a latch which engages on both sides of the body casing.. When charging the battery unit displays LED lights showing the status of the charge.  Please refer to the manual – Section 7.4 – pages 36/37

IMPORTANT – Please note: 
Lithium type batteries require special treatment when stored for periods of time. When storing for any period of time it is strongly recommended you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Oiling of the blades every few minutes during use is important and requires being a discipline one strictly adheres to (as is the case with all clippers.) Correctly operated this machine produces some highly impressive “quality” clips, and if looked after has the ability to last for many years.

PLEASE NOTE: We are advised that it is not possible to add a sheep head to this machine

Heiniger 31 Standard clip
Heiniger 31F Fine close clip
Heiniger 21 Coarse clip
Heiniger Thro’bred
Heiniger 53a Surgical very close
Heiniger 39 Udder blade
Heiniger U/C Ultra coarse

AESCULAP/LISCOP/STEWART OSTER blades can be fitted to this machine.

Whilst we make every effort to update details when received from manufacturer’s the actual goods delivered may deviate from the information given or images as supplied on this web page as a result of special versions, utilization or additional ordering options, or as a result of latest technical upgrades.

UPDATED: April 2015

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