Hauptner 3000

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Hauptner 3000 cattle/horse clipper head attachment .

The head is supplied with internal eccenter shaft, gear wheel, plastic crank drive block, upper blade guides. Head to body screw (2) with locking washers (2) and tension nut, spring and bolt are also supplied.
Blades are NOT included
The head can be fitted to a Hauptner 2000 sheep shearing machine to enable it to be used for clipping cattle or horses.

Hauptner inform us this head may be interchanged with the Hauptner 2000 & Premier 3000c cattle/horse clipper, and will enable the use of Liscop Lia2/Lia6/Lia22 and Lia7 blades and Wolseley A2/A2F/A6 and A7 blades.
This head does not accept either Hauptner or Premier blades – only those blades as listed above.

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