GT784 – skip tooth 16mm

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Blade type: Skip tooth blade
Depth of cut: 16mm.
Blade cutting face: 46mm

A superior quality blade, manufactured in Germany, and intended only for use on the Aesculap Favorita II clipper. The blade is fitted with tensioning facility, which allows for adjustment to give maximum performance.

Aesculap’ s latest addition to the Favourita blade portfolio, an even deep 16mm depth of left hair cover.

Another skip tooth body blending blade with a deep bottom plate, but reaching out further than the 12mm blade. The upper plate teeth extending over the pitch of the bottom plate teeth. Good long bottom plate teeth with spacious separation between each blade tooth, and a steep angled lead into the fibres to increase hair separation.

Especially suited in those cases when customers request their pets to have a long lengths left on.. A great blade for speeding up the work, and for getting through thicker more difficult coats.

Increasingly becoming a more popular blade with many busy dog groomers despite the horrendous price!

Aesculap blades are made to a high standard and as such require to be sharpened by professional and skilled personnel experience in sharpening this make of blade in order to return it to the manufacturers standards and optimum clipping performance.

This Aesculap blade is compatible to the following Aesculap clipper models:

GH204 Elektra II hair clipper.
GH214 Ehmann Turbo line hair clipper (the “blue version” of the Favorita.)
GT101 Favorita II (the 110 volt version of the Favorita.)
GT104 Favorita II

Please note: This blade may often found to be suitable for older Aesculap clippers (even up to 20 years old) providing the machine is not designed for “screw fix” blades.

Customer’s are advised to be aware that potentially “fake” copies of what have the appearance of original AESCULAP Favourita blades and which are being described as made of “high quality German steel” are being sold as “compatible” to Aesculap clippers as supplied by Aesculap Germany.

It should be emphasised these are …… NOT GENUINE AESCULAP BLADES!

Whilst clearly PEASRIDGE would support and understand customers desire to obtain value for money in the present economic climate, please be assured we only sell …… GENUINE AESCULAP BLADES!

We do urge potential purchasers to consider the risks involved of …….

Purchasing items not of genuine manufacture,
The full implication of possible damage to the machine.
Any potential risk to their animals.
Invalidation of warranty applicable to newly purchased products.!

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