GT339 – #10W -2.4mm

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Blade ref: GT339
Steel wide “detachable A5 type blade
Size: #10W
Depth of cut: 2.4mm
Cutting face width: 55mm
Comb: 23 teeth
Cutter: 19 teeth
Comb blade: smooth backed

A wide blade which is considered suitable for use on a variety of animal coats

Wide blades of this nature automatically have an attraction to those using detachable A5 type clippers – usually for nervous horses requiring to be clipped with quieter clippers. Such blades are normally used for the full body clipping of horses, show cattle, alpacas, and of course many of the larger dog breeds. In the case of horses, as with other species coat textures can vary immensely and therefore the selection of the blade can be critical to the clipping results.

The clipping result is similar to a “full tooth” blade producing a smooth finish.

Comb attachments do not fit this type of blade.

This blade will fit all types of clippers, which accept detachable A5 type blades

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