Gibson Calf Cart

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Moving calves around the farm can be a cumbersome chore. In fact, sometimes it’s more like a tug-of-war between you and your calf! Now there is an easier and safer way with the Calf Pram.

Easy Calf Loading and Unloading

Thanks to its exclusive pivot-action design, you can easily lower the Pram to the ground, load your calf and be ready to go.

There is no clumsy lifting and less risk of injury to yourself and your animal. Simply open one end, walk the calf in and secure the calf in the “head-lock” if you want more security. Once you have finished, simply release the headlock with the chain and open the head-lock gate to allow the calf to walk straight out.

Whether your herd is large or small, the Calf Pram will be a valuable addition to your farm equipment.

The ‘head-lock’ with chain-locking mechanism holds livestock securely in place for dehorning, castration, physical examination or medical treatment. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel rod, the head-lock keeps the calf stationary. It makes the job quicker and easier for you—and safer for your calf.

Strong Design

The frame of the Pram is built out of high strength steel tubing which has the ability to hold a lot of weight with no risk of bending. The Pram sides and floor are made out of stainless sheet metal which makes it strong and easy to clean.

The “head-lock” is made out of steel rod so the calf will be secured with no risk of it bending the head-lock. The chain-locking mechanism is strong and easy to use. Simply pull the bar across and slide the chain into the lock.


  • Total Length: 1350mm
  • Total Width: 825mm
  • Inside Box Width: 375mm
  • Inside Box Height: 900mm
  • Inside Box Length: 875mm
  • Gross Weight: 43 Kg
  • Carrying Capacity: 136 Kg
  • Ground Clearance:  150mm
  • Frame Construction: High Strength Steel Tubing
  • Box Construction:  3/4 in. Angle Iron Sides 22 Gauge Galvanised Steel
  • Floor: Stainless Steel
  • Wheels: 660mm Heavy Duty Welded Spoke with Ball Bearings

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