Cow Mini Milker

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Our tried and tested portable milkers offer fantastic value for money, require little maintenance and are easy to operate.

This new design includes a stronger base, better vacuum fittings and a stainless steel pulsator. All our portable cow milking machines have an enclosed oil pump system to keep the pump working freely and cool for as long as possible.

With the enclosed oil system, there is no oily mess to deal with and no extra parts to mount.

Ideal for a variety of users from a commercial dairy unit with a ‘downer cow’ to showmen and the smallholder alike, these milkers are robust, compact and supplied with a one year parts and labour return to base warranty.

We stock a range of parts and accessories and can service machines either in-situ* or at our own workshop.

Powered by a single phase electric motor (3 pin / 13amp normal plug) and with an oily vacuum system with 18L tank capacity, our popular Mini Milker is supplied with a stainless steel pneumatic pulsator and 30 litre stainless steel bucket.

With a claw weight of 2250Grams, and a milk claw capacity of 240cc, the milking of your cows will take no longer than needed. A high flow rate claw and milk line allows the cow to be milked as fast as possible.

The size of the machine is 1,5m long, 1m high, 70cm wide and around 55kg, the portable cow milker is a small enough size to move easily between sheds and animals.

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