Carbon brushes with springs

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Carbon brushes and springs

Supplied as set of two carbon brushes complete with springs.
Suitable for the Oster A5 single and two speed model manufactured after June 1985

Manufacturers recommend that carbon brushes are renewed as a pair and not individually as this may cause damage to the motor system of your clipper.
Carbon brushes should be checked periodically to access wear and avoid any motor damage.
Information on Carbon brush “life hours” can usually be found in the clipper manual.

See your clipper manual for full instructions for removal and re-fitting
To check for wear and replacement, remove brushes and compare the length of the round and square sections of each brush.
If the square section has worn to the length of the round section, the brushes need to be replaced to avoid potential damage to the armature.
EXERCISE CARE when replacing – the carbon brush is inserted first – the spring next!

Part number: 042584-025-000

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