Blade ‘yoke’ screw

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Lister blade “yoke” screw

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Some Lister cutter blades (smaller – upper plate) are now supplied with a plastic “yoke” (the part that the crank shaft roller fits into) that can be renewed with a new “yoke” should wear be experienced.

Customers will need to distinguish whether nor not their cutter blades are fitted with a screw fixed plastic “yoke” or a metal “welded” housing.

Only screw fixed “yoke's can be replaced. In order to renew the yoke, new screws may be required.

Lister blades with metal “yoke” or housing are not repairable.

Wear to the plastic “yoke” on the cutter blades of any make usually occurs as a result of infrequent applications of good quality oil onto the drive block/crank roller. Lack of lubrication causes overheating and distortion.

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