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Size: #4
Cuts to: 3/8″ – 9.5mm
Cutting face width: 43mm
Skip tooth blade

All Oster “detachable blades” are made in the USA using high carbon steel to give an extended cutting life. Of the 17 teeth of the comb blade plate 8 protrude out in line with the blade edge and the remaining 9 are angled down to aid penetration.

The #4 skip tooth is regularly used for bodywork on long legged Terriers and for blending purposes. It can also be used as a raking blade on the shoulders and hip area of the coat of a Westie. It should be borne in mind that it does not always leave a smooth coat texture particularly when used on a soft coat.

A selection of attachment combs known as the “Universal Comb Range” can be fitted over these blades to provide increased cutting length. Comb attachments should only be used on well-groomed coats and not those, which are tangled or matted.


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