Wahl Moser Arco Charger Base and Adapter

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Arco charger base and adapter

Battery charger base unit

Base units are now supplied by Moser with a socket for plug in lead and 3 pin adapter on the underside of the charger unit. This combination includes the adapter but both products can be purchased separately.

Charger details:
Type: 1854/1855
6v – 1.5A
CE rated
Made in Moser’s factory in Hungary

Arco AC/DC adapter

Model type: 6000 for the MOSER “Arco” (D9) base unit.
(The lead plugs in on the underside of the charger unit.)

Model: 6000
Input: AC 100 – 240v 50/60Hz 250mA
Output: 5.9v 1.5A 8.85W
CE rated
Made in China